The Winding of The Yarn

It all started years ago in a little country orchard grove in Oregon. My daddy bought a sewing machine and Woolworth’s sold fabrics for 25 cents a yard. No place to shop and no money to buy with anyway at eight years of age I plugged in the sewing machine. That’s how it all began….now 71 years later things are still the same. Still sewing, knitting and crocheting and enjoying every minute of it.

In years past, when I was younger I really prided myself on my entrepreneurial spirit but today things in the market place have changed. Enjoy the posts and the occasional word or two added as should my spirit leads. Just so you know if you see anything I post such as a handmade item, basket or felted wool piece, or whatever, let me know if you would like to purchase either that one or one like

Also, I do love to offer a praise here or there to different things I have tried that may have turned out quite nice. Not all projects are a smash hit you know. Knitting and crocheting are favorites of many of you out there.

If you would like to visit my shop:



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Oh That’s Cute Too

Some More Yarn Doozies

pAll of these are available too…these little yarn Doozies could be used certainly for other things but they are especially great for your knitting or crochet project. Nice and lightweight for one thing…

There are affiliate links in this post. I will receive a small commission if you purchase through these links at no additional cost to you.

I didn’t used to love yarn …..But I tell you I have found that it is a great form of relaxation. It took me forever to want to just sit and knit but now honestly I could just sit and knit till my fingers feel as if another stitch might be the one that will never make it through the loop. I have friends that do a marvelous job at this art. Anyway have a wonderful day…it’s so cold here this morning but time changes on Sunday.



One Day At A Time

This virus situation could make one get a little frustrated if you you allow yourself to do so. Remember that in Proverbs 3:5-6 it reads

“Trust in The Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding: In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.”

See my little baby laying there on the floor? Well today my path is to get right in the middle of those fabric scraps and see what I can come up with. I refuse to worry but am trusting that this very unusual season will soon be over and we all can get back to our daily work and running errands. Who knows, I may even knit some!

My Little Handmade Mask
This comes in a kit so maybe this one will work….

I was thinking it’s so cool here still this spring that if I wore my mask and then made a beanie hat to match I would be looking pretty cute if I were able to ever get out…


I included this link if anyone else might want to get the kit to make this cute little beanie. Have a blessed day everyone.



Welcome to The Felted Rose Studio

Good morning from Tennessee. I have started on this page so many times but you know what? The only way to really get started is to plunge right in and let it flow. I get so caught up in the daily life of being a senior citizen, that is supposed to be retired, that I don’t have time to create the things that just seem to happen.

We all have something that intrigues us and for me it’s baskets of fabric samples and yarn that is ” gonna be.” By that I mean I love scraps of yarn, roving, fleece etc. I find beauty in imaginary items that can be made out of all these lovely tidbits.

Welcome to 

Thefeltedrosestudio.com Continue reading “Love That Yarn at THE FELTED ROSE STUDIO”


Little Yarn Doozies

ATIG0686.JPEGGCLC8477.JPGSGNO0223.JPGI have used a lot of baskets for projects and stumbled onto this without planning too. So, I started sewing. These two I am going to show you are made out of an old vintage table cloth. They are stackable and hold plenty of yarn or fabric. 14″ across at the top and approximately 9″ deep. If interested $22.50 each. I am willing to do custom yarn Doozies if you have some fabric you want made up. Email me and we will talk. These two are made of yellows and blues but are the same size. Yarn doozies help keep you organized. Available at $18 each. All handmade.

All of these yarn doozies are available for sale. $22.50 each includes free shipping. The felted purse and child’s scarf is made available for $65 and includes free shipping. The black and white eyeglass case can be purchased on Etsy.com

The Felted Rose Studio

Have a great day.

Contact : revasfabrics@gmail.com

So sorry to say the baskets made out of the vintage tablecloth have just sold. Thank you. But! If you have an old vintage tablecloth send it to me and we will make you some “doozies”.

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The Sewing Nook and Some Pretty Fancy Fabrics Too

IMG_0357.jpgFrom handmade dish cloths to the finest of decorating fabrics…………….we have it all.

Below a sampling of the luxurious. Absolutely stunning with embroidered threads throughout. Not suitable for upholstery but for many beautiful projects in your home .

View more on our site and we make all available to you           

IMG_0363.jpgI want to thank you for stopping by to view some of my favorite fabrics, trims, yarns etc. The  sewing nook is just a quaint little spot where one can come and view beautiful pieces of fabric and yarns to create a beautiful space, where ever that may be. I will add a variety of items to view but at anytime if you would like to visit my link to see lots more fabrics I do hope that you will do so. You are welcome to email me if you see a fabric that you cannot live without. I just appreciate the opportunity to help you if I can be of any service.